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Uploaded 2022-05-15

Afternoon Bowling

Uploaded 2022-05-08

Champions Dance Performance, May 7th, 2022


Dance Performance Couples Dancing


A Dance Performance Duet 2


A Dance Performance Duet


A Nice Dance Performance


Dance Performance 1

Uploaded 2022-05-01

Salsa lesson

Uploaded 2022-04-13

Dua Lipa Concert at Newark Prudential Center NJ, March 4th 2022


Van Gough Experience a red 0

Uploaded 2022-04-12

Van Gough Experience 1

Uploaded 2022-04-07

Jasmine is Hyptomised

Uploaded 2022-04-04

Lighting-Punta Cana


Beautiful Sunrise


Sunrise in Beautiful Chincoteague Island, VA


I need a new assistant. Lol


Wildfire Retreat


Wildfire Retreat -poi


Wildfire Retreat


Longs Park, Lancaster, Pa


Central Park, NYC


Beautiful Punta Cana beaches


Beautiful Rehoboth Sunset

Uploaded 2022-02-06

Saved by the 90s Band at the Franklin Music Hall, Feb. 5th, 2022

Uploaded 2022-01-31

Cuddles Playing with Her New Cat Toy


Cuddles the Cat Relaxing

Uploaded 2022-01-22

Christmas at Longwood Gardens


Aunt Mary Pat

Uploaded 2022-01-21

Water fall in the Poconos


Cuddles had a bad day

Uploaded 2022-01-17

Tales of Symphonia: Episode 1 - By Bread Alone


Book Review - The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss


Digimon Pendulum 20th Vlog #1 - Unboxing and Hatching


"Thin Air" cover (Amelie)




"One Song Glory" cover (Rent)


Digimon Existential Crisis

Uploaded 2021-04-02

Makeup Tutorial By Madison M.

Uploaded 2021-04-01

Sararisa simple make up video


Makeup for beginners

Uploaded 2021-03-31

Fall Makeup Tutorial for Dark Skin | Highlighting and Contouring


How I Get My Favorite Makeup Done


Avis Simple Make Up Video


Putting On My Favorite Makeup Video


Nicky's Makeup Tutorial


Makeup Putting On


Pretty Favorite Makeup Tutorial in 5 Minutes


Make-up tutorial


2nd make-up tutorial


Putting On My Favorite Makeup Look


Putting On My Cute Favorite Smoldering Makeup Look


Favorite Make Up Natural Look


Putting On Makeup Video 20210331


Simple Makeup Tutorial

Uploaded 2021-03-30

Short But Sweet Makeup Tutorial


Everyday Natural Makeup Look


Hillary makeup


Makeup challenge

Uploaded 2021-03-29

Beginners make up


My Super Easy Go-To Make Up Look


Putting on Makeup

Uploaded 2021-02-23

A nice description of Love to brighten up your day

Uploaded 2021-01-10

The Oasis Project, Goals for Present Day, Live Forever, Plan B

Uploaded 2020-12-20

Star Trek Time Travel Message to Present Day 2020



Uploaded 2020-12-16

Taz in the First Snow Storm of 2020


LambChop Enjoying Some Treats in the Snow

Uploaded 2020-12-15